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About the Perforce Workshop

The Perforce Workshop is maintained by Perforce Software to support our community and open source developers at large in building and sharing tools using Perforce.

The Workshop management of projects and their file change history is provided by the Perforce Version Management and Collaboration system.

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How to...

(These commands require the Perforce Helix command line client and the latest Helix server installed locally, both available for free on the Perforce Helix downloads page.)
$ export P4USER=<user_name> Sets the user name
$ export Sets the Workshop's server and port
$ p4 login Log into the Perforce Workshop
Create Repositories
$ p4 init Initialize a personal server
$ p4 clone -p -f //guest/depot/path/to/project/... Clone a project using depot path syntax
Make Changes
$ p4 status Show status of added, deleted, or modified files to be submitted
$ p4 reconcile Stage changes to be submitted
$ p4 submit -d "Description" Submits changes to local repository
Synchronize with the Workshop
$ p4 push Push changes to the Workshop
$ p4 fetch Fetch changes from the Workshop
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