Change 15691

Russell C. Jackson (Rusty)
Changed to always create a checkpoints.rep directory on the logs volume so that moving
the pre-rotated journal back to be the live journal will be a move operation when doing
a failover.

Added a SHAREDDATA setting to p4_vars so that I could check for that in sync_replica and
weekly_sync replica. That allowed me to delete weekly_sync_shared_replica and sync_shared_replica.

Added cleanup of checkpoints.rep to sync_replica and weekly_sync_replica since that is
where the replica journals should always be located now.

Removed cleanup of checkpoints.rep from daily and weekly backup scripts since those
should not be handling replica file clean up.

The SDP is now designed to be used with the journalcopy and p4 pull -L commands rather
than the old style replication using just pull. Failover requires that you move the
pre-rotated journal that is in the checkpoints.rep directory back to
/p4/${SDP_INSTANCE}/logs/journal now along with updating the file.
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