Change 16259

Russell C. Jackson (Rusty)
Created P4MASTERPORT in instance_vars to simplify logins to the master server in
 the other scripts.

 Changed other scripts to use P4MASTERPORT

 Added clean up of statejcopy and checkpoints.rep directory to weekly_sync_replica so that
 it properly resets a replica that is using journalcopy.

 Moved umask to instance_vars since it wasn't being picked up when running things via crontab

 Removed P4REPLICANAME from instance_vars since it wasn't being used anymore.

Added HOSTIP to mkdirs and to the P4PORT setting in instance vars so the server starts on
 a specific IP address rather than all on the server. This avoids a bug where rpl.forward.login
 doesn't work when logging in via localhost.
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