Change 16637

Change 1864 on 2015/12/09 by ttyler@sdp.adm v2.1.4:
* Added '-c' flag to check crontabs on each SDP host and compare
against those versioned in /p4/common/etc/cron.d.

* Added checking for required variables in sdp_hosts.cfg.

* Added '-s/-m' options to do 'p4 status [-m]' checks in key
SDP directories, adding SDP_STATUS_DIRS setting to sdp_hosts.cfg
to define key directories to do a 'p4 status [-m]' check in.

* Added 'p4 opened' check in SDP workspaces.

* Fixed path dependency by specifying '$P4BIN' instead of 'p4' on
remote hosts.

* Corrected placement of VERBOSITY to achieve intended default
default level.

* Minor code cleanup.

* Doc updates and corrections.

* Fixed issue with sending emails by adding a mising bash lib.
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