Change 23454

Update to hms script to do two new functions: pull and df.
 Pull issues a pull -lj on all the edge/replica servers to get the status
 df issues a diskspace on all the servers.
 The reason for this is with a hardened edge environment the P4USER does not have permissions
 to run these commands on the edge servers.  Therefore we need to run them centrally as a super.
 This replaces the replica_status commands on the edge.
 The updates also includes an update to the p4_vars to change the P4USER on an edge server.
 The idea is that P4USER only has super privs on the master on the replica edge servers the default user can only
 have admin privs.   This is so the box adminstrator in restricted regions can't change the protection table.
 Hence the need for pull df centrally as these are the only commands that can't be run on the replicas/edges from the
 maintance scripts. It also goes without saying that ssh should only go out from the commit and never back.
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