Change 24189

Add a new SDP script to warn and/or rotate live journal due to configurable low disk space condition

A new script is being introduced with alerting and journal truncate functionality for enviroments with high Perforce activity. Two separate thresholds can be configured, one for a warn alert (notify via email - optional) and another to trigger a journal rotation.

Values for the threshold can be defined via K, M, G or a percentage of disk space. These values represent the available disk space on the journal volume (free space minus filesys.P4Journal.min) before the script takes aption.

Another optional feature is to enable KEEPJNL override which dynamically calculates the number of journals to keep based on the oldest checkpoint on disk. When this is enabled, KEEPJNL is temporarily overridden during the run to prevent removing any journals that may be required to recover from a checkpoint on disk and all the journals required to bring the server back to a current state.

This script can be run on a master/commit, edge and replica server. If the edge or replica server is running low on journal space, it will trigger a journal rotation on the master/commit server (based on P4TARGET value), which then will cause the journals to rotate on the edge/replica servers.

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