Change 352

Grant Glouser
Use MacOS native APIs instead of GUSI.
And additional Mac path handling improvements.

    - rewrote file_dirscan and file_time to use MacOS native API
    (PBGetCatInfo).  This means GUSI is no longer needed, which should
    make Jam more stable and ever so slightly faster under MacOS.

    - no trailing colons on directories.  This has the effect of allowing
    rules to recursively process paths under MacOS (which makes MacOS just
    like every other platform in this respect).

    - extra timestamp check for possible volume names under MacOS
    - case-sensitivity OFF for MacOS

Jamfile and Build.mpw
    - altered to remove GUSI header search paths and libraries.  This
    complicates the Jamfile - perhaps these changes should be merged
    into the Jambase.
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