BranchView wrapper for Eclipse

BranchView plugin for Eclipse is a wrapper for running BranchView from within Eclipse.

This programm is free, see copyright.

Warning: you cannot use BranchView version older than 1.3 to use it with wrapper. Latest BranchView binary is included to latest BranchView wrapper distribution.

P4Eclipse integration

BranchView uses P4Eclipse plugin for Eclipse. This tool is also free and is a fully integrated P4 Java client for Eclipse users. With P4Eclipse installed, BranchView don't need extra configuration parameters, except P4 command line executable path (if this path isn't set on OS).


Because BranchView uses P4Eclipse plugin with revision >= 0.6, appropriate revision must be installed on Eclipse before you can run BranchView plugin. Please visit http://p4eclipse.sourceforge.net/ to obtain latest information how to install P4Eclipse plugin.

Next, all what you need to install BranchView plugin is to unzip bvwrapper.zip to you %Eclipse%/plugin directory and restart Eclipse. You don't need to do anymore to install BranchView.

After that you can right click on any resource in a Eclipse tree view of current project, and then select Team/BranchView. BranchView window will be opened. If you run BranchView first time, then may be you will need enter Perforce command oline executable path for BranchView. To do this, you can right-click on BranchView window and then select "properties..." popup menu. Enter p4 path (like "c:\program files\perforce\p4.exe"), close BranchView window and restart BranchView. Voila!