AddMXHosts - slow.conf configuration item


The AddMXHosts slow.conf configuration item lists the hosts that should be added to your list of MX servers. This item is useful because some MX servers do not record their correct name on Received: header lines. For example, condsider the MX server named (the name lised when you look up your MX servers). Suppose it aslo has other names, and the one in the Received: header is

Here, notice that webmilt will now find that is one of your MX serves, so it will look at the next Received: line to find the address (here of the spamming host.

In an instance such as this, you may add the wrong name to your list of MX hosts using this AddMXHosts item. If this AddMXHosts item is declared, it is given a list of, each separated from the next by a comma. For example:

By default, AddMXHosts is empty, so no extra hosts are added to your list of MX servers.