RunAsGroup - slow.conf configuration item


The RunAsGroup slow.conf configuration item defines the group that slowmilt will run as, if it is executed by root.

When slowmilt first starts to run, it looks at its effective and real user identities to see if either is root. If so, it next checks to see if this RunAsGroup item was defined (the default is undefined), and if it is, slowmilt next checks to see if it was defined with an integer gid, or with a text name. An integer gid is used as-is. A text name is looked up in the group file to find the gid for that name. If the name cannot be found, the following error is printed, and slowmilt exits:

Otherwise a good gid was specified or found, so slowmilt sets its effective and real gids to that value.

Generally, RunAsGroup should not be set if you set the sgid bit on the slowmilt executable. You might want to set sgid bit if you want to allow shared access to the slowedit program. The sgid bit is effective no matter who runs slowedit, whereas this RunAsGroup item is only effective when run by root.