SDP Documentation Information

Now being converted to ASCIIDoctor format (*.adoc), from which we can create HTML and PDF output.

How to run

With tools installed, it is as simple as:


Installing Tools


Converting from MS Word

Conversions from Word done like this:

pandoc --from=docx --to=asciidoc --wrap=none --atx-headers --extract-media=extracted-media SDP_Guide.Unix#13.docx > output.adoc

You may need to look at the extracted-media directory.

Finding non UTF8 chars

When converting from MS Word you may get an error message from asciidoctor-pdf about UTF8/binary problems and things like smart quotes, or em-dashes.

perl -ne 'print "$. $_" if m/[\x80-\xFF]/' SDP_Guide.Unix.adoc