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Perforce Server Log Analyzer

Log File Upload

Upload A Log File

Use this form to upload your Perforce server log file. The log analyzer will parse your data and display commands that have affected your server performance.

Please note that your log data and analysis will be available for only {$PslaController->getDaysToKeepLogs()} calendar days.

If you have a Support ticket or would like to open a Support ticket with us, it would be helpful to retain your log file. Can we have permission to keep your log file until we are finished resolving your Support issue in such cases?

Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability

We've done our best to ensure that your log data is secure, but the possibility always exists that even the best security measures can be unexpectedly countered. If you don't want to risk unauthorized parties viewing your server log data, you can analyze your log file via Track2SQL instead. Track2SQL is identical to the Server Log Analyzer, but runs locally and doesn't transmit any data to Perforce. You can download Track2SQL by following this link.

However, if you choose to upload a log file to the Perforce Server Log Analyzer instead, you agree to release Perforce Software, Inc. from liability for any damages resulting from a third party accessing your log data, whether or not those damages are caused by Perforce's negligence, and whether or not you have brought any problems with Perforce's security to Perforce's attention. You assume all risks associated with unauthorized access to your data, and you agree to hold Perforce Software, Inc. harmless with respect to all such risks.

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