Perforce German User Group - Meeting 28/11/2003

[Auf Deutsch]

The first Perforce German User Group meeting took place:

Date: Friday 28th November, 2003
Location:      TUI InfoTec GmbH & Co KG
Karl-Wiechert-Allee 4
D 30625 Hannover

The meeting was a great success with 27 participants in total from all over Germany. It was great to have Laura flying in from the US and Tony and Robert over from the UK.

Laura Wingerd (Perforce Technical Director) during her presentation.


The schedule was (see links for presentations):

9:00 Welcome/coffee
9:30 Introductions (by all participants) - a few minutes per person introducing themselves/company/use of Perforce/questions they would like to discuss
10:00 Presentation by Tony Smith - Perforce's UK support team leader (covering upcoming releases and answering some technical questions)
11:00 Break/coffee
11:15      Presentation by Ralf Martin (Harman Becker) on server performance and logfile analysis (P4GLA)
12:15 Lunch
13:00 Presentation by Laura Wingerd (Perforce Technical Director) - "container based SCM (advanced branching)"
14:00 Break/coffee
14:15 Presentation by co-organiser Ralf Oyen (TUI InfoTec) on TUI's SCM processes
15:00 Break/coffee/cakes ;-)
15:15 Roundtable discussion on areas of interest/sharing of information
16:15 Break/coffee
16:30 Continuation of Roundtable discussion
17:30 End

We had dinner together in the evening at a local restaurant (sponsored by Perforce), and indeed some of us had met up the previous evening.


There was be no charge for attending the event itself (participants paid for their own travel and accommodation costs). The venue facilities were kindly sponsored by TUI Infotech.

Lunch and dinner were kindly sponsored by Perforce.