Review 22243

C. Thomas Tyler
Further refinements to the new 'rotate journal on p4d start' change:
* Fixed p4d_truncate_journal so it has less environment dependencies
(e.g. doesn't depend on LOGFILE, etc.) and doesn't try sending email.
* Introduced msg() and bail(), counterparts to log() and die() which
don't try to write to LOGFILE and don't try to send email.
* Added call to get_journalnum() before call to p4d_truncate_journal().
* Fixed logic in get_journalnum() so it gets the journal number w/o
needing p4d to be up.
 * I think I fixed the syntax error in bitwise operator check when
setting EDGE_SERVER.  It works on a non-edge server (sets
EDGESERVER=0).  For now I have it doing an
'echo EDGESERVER=$EDGESERVER', but need to test that it correctly
sets EDGESERVER=1 on an edge server.

TO DO: Remove that 'echo EDGESERVER=$EDGESERVER' once we verify it
correctly sets the value for $EDGESERVER. (Or not?)
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