Review 26278

C. Thomas Tyler v5.4.0:
* Handles running as root instead of OSUSER.
* Added Warnings (as opposed to only Errors).
* Accounted for more checks already being run.
* Added checks license:
  - Indicates if license is perpetual
  - Warns if no license
  - Error if license expired, or expires within 14 days
* Changed shellcheck strategy for handling sourced files, replacing
  'source' directives with 'disable' directives for SC1090/1091
  (related to shellchecking sourced files).  Having 'source'
  directives that refer to the 'as deployed' structure (i.e. to
  paths under /p4/common) works best when shellchecking on a live
  system, but makes shellcheking in a development workspace harder.
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