Review 26900

C. Thomas Tyler v4.0.0:
* Added deployment of Version file to /p4/Version.  A future in the next SDP release will make use of this.
* Accounted for directory structucre change of Maintenancd to Unsupported.
* Added standard command line procssing with '-h' and '-man' doc flags,
and other flags (all documented).
* Added in-code docs and updated AsciiDoc.
* Enhanced preflight testing, and fixed '-test' mode installs.
* Added support for installing to an alternate root directory. v5.7.0:
* Added check for /p4/Version file, and checked that other legacy
SDP methods of checking version
* Added sanity check for crontab.
* Added 'test skip' mechanism to skip certain tests:
 - crontab
 - version
 - and license

* Adusted test suite to account for various changes in
* Added 'dir' parameter to run_cmd() and sudo_cmd(), to run a command from
a specified directory (as required to test new
* Added check_links() similar to existing check_dirs() function.
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