Review 27370

C. Thomas Tyler v4.5.0:
* p4p no longer installed by default unless ServerType is p4proxy.
* p4dtg_init no longer installed by default.
* If p4dtg installed, warning message indicates more setup needed.
* Added '-I <svc>' to install p4dtg and/or p4p.
* p4d no longer installed if ServerType is p4proxy or p4broker.
* Fixed issue where '-n' (NoOp mode) missed displaying some commands
that would execute during proxy initialization.
* Fixed harmless error if run from /p4/sdp/Server/Unix/setup rather
than /hxdepots/p4/sdp/Server/Unix/setup after the initial install.
* Allowed for several aliases to the server type flag, e.g.
'p4p', 'p4d', 'p4b', 'edge', etc, with corresponding doc chnages.
* Fixed an issue where a 'chmod' command would attempt to execute
in NoOp mode.
* Enhanced some 2nd-pass workflows, removing harmless but unnecessary
* Enhanced docs to indicate where init script and systemd templates
can be found.
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