Review 27967

C. Thomas Tyler
Enhanced to remove old $LOGS/journal.NNN files on standby replicas.

This is an optional behaviour which must be explicitly enabled by
adding a setting to the bottom of p4_N.vars:


This is useful if a standby replica shares /hxdepots with its P4TARGET
server over NFS, and has the same journalPrefix value as the P4TARGET
server.  In this scenario, the standby will not rotate its journal as
the file already exists, having been rotated on the P4TARGET server
sharing the same NFS volume. When the journal rotation does not occur,
the journal.NNN file is not removed.

The feature implmented in this change is a workaround. A better solution
could be a p4d enhancement for this specific scenario:

job107633 - Add new value of 2 to rpl.journalcopy.location for standby replicas.
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