BranchView errors and program restrictions

Read FAQ before ;).

BranchView have some design restrictions and simply program errors.

  1. My english is horrible, also you will have some problems with program interface or documentation. But imagine: you must use BranchView and all of commands/help is in russian or german... ;) If you find any errors / defects, please send me your corrections or coments, and i will change it as soon as possible.

  2. BranchView may need time to generate GIF images. This is ok. But BranchView save images only with 1:1 zoom and not with zoom of the view. This isn't ok...

  3. BranchView use data from Perforce client. If Perforce client doesn't work, then BranchView will working wrong too ;).

  4. BranchView plugin for Eclipse use properties from P4Eclipse plugin. If P4Eclipse plugin doesn't work, then BranchView will working wrong too ;).

  5. Although BranchView is 100% Java, it is possible, that BranchView won't work with other operation systems, then Windows NT 4 or Windows 2000, because i haven't testing with other OS's. Stefan Hellwig has written to me, that BranchView work fine with Linux, and i think, it will be true for all Java - ready operation systems too.

  6. Only JDK's with version >= 1.2 will be supported. Best expirience i have made with JDK 1.4.0 ( not 1.4.1 !), but 1.2 and 1.3 work's fine too. I have tested with all this JDK's on Windows NT and 2000.

  7. On JDK 1.4.1 for Windows (may be for other OS'es too) and BranchView version < 1.3 mouse scroll/drag does not work correctly. Workaround: none. Use newer versions of BranchView.

  8. Surely, i have build anymore other different errors into BranchView. If you found one of then, please send me email to loskutov@gmx.de.
    I will need following information:
    - Description of environement of BranchView: JDK version, operation system.
    - Start parameter or custom configuration file
    - current log file, if you has one ;)
    - detailed description of occured error
    - response email address ;)