BranchView errors and program restrictions

Read FAQ before ;).

BranchView have some design restrictions and simply program errors.

  1. My english is horrible, also you will have some problems with program interface or documentation. But imagine: you must use BranchView and all of commands/help is in russian or german... ;) If you find any errors / defects, please send me your corrections or coments, and i will change it as soon as possible.

  2. BranchView may need time to generate GIF images. This is ok. But BranchView save images only with 1:1 zoom and not with zoom of the view. This isn't ok...

  3. BranchView use data from Perforce client. If Perforce client don't work or working wrong, then BranchView will working wrong too ;).

  4. Although BranchView is 100% Java, it is possible, that BranchView won't work with other operation systems, then Windows NT 4 or Windows 2000, because i haven't testing with other OS's. Stefan Hellwig has written to me, that BranchView work fine with Linux, and i think, it will be true for all Java - ready operation systems too.

  5. Only JDK's with version >= 1.2 will be supported. Best expirience i have made with JDK 1.4, but 1.2 and 1.3 work's fine too. I have tested with all this JDK's on Windows NT and 2000.

  6. Surely, i have build anymore other different errors into BranchView. If you found one of then, please send me email to loskutov@gmx.de.
    I will need following information:
    - Description of environement of BranchView: JDK version, operation system.
    - Start parameter or custom configuration file
    - current log file, if you has one ;)
    - detailed description of occured error
    - response email address ;)