BranchView FAQ

  1. BranchView won't starts anyway

    - Check start parameter/configuration file/tool configuration by P4 Client.
    - Check Java version: BranchView run only with JDK version >=1.2 .
    - You must select one file/directory in P4 client, before BranchView can be started from "tools" menu.

  2. I will use my custom Diff tool, but BranchView won't do this

    - Run BranchView with "-props" parameter and set "p4.diff_exe_path" to path of your Diff - tool.

  3. BranchView won't run my Diff - tool

    - examdiff.exe is not in the system path?
    - If you start BranchView with "-props" parameter: check property file: "p4.diff_exe_path" should point to path of your Diff - tool. If path of the Diff - tool contains blanks, use "" around path.
    instead of p4.diff_exe_path=c:\my diff tool\tool.exe use p4.diff_exe_path="c:\my diff tool\tool.exe"
    - If BranchView is in "offline" - mode, you cannot use Diff - tool anyway, this is limited by design.

  4. BranchView forget preferences, setted in a properties dialog

    - If you set any option in a properties dialog, this will be valid for all BranchView windows, running in a same Java virtual mashine. After a closing of all BranchView windows, all properties wil be stored in a property file. But if you run BranchView again without "-props" parameter, default options respectively startup parameter will be used, even if properties file exist and contains your changes. Currently is only usage of "-props" parameter force BranchView use properties file and as result, use you custom settings.

  5. BranchView repaint the view to slowly

    - If you try to load one big directory with many branches/revisions, then BranchView need lot of time to draw they all on screen...

  6. BranchView don't shows the"extended" information about revision, shows it wrong or not all available information

    - It can happen, that the tooltip will be "broken" because of too large amount of data, currently i haven't fix for this problem. Nevertheless, you can get this information from BranchView: select one revision, and with Ctrl + C copy the information about this revision into clipboard.

  7. Is the source code available?

    - Now yes!!! I'm absolutely sure, that only commented code is good code, and i hope, i have posted only good code.

  8. Where is the source code available?

    - Under Perforce (www.perforce.com) public depot, path is: //public_depot/guest/andrei_loskutov/branchview