BranchView FAQ

  1. BranchView won't starts anyway

    - Check start parameter/configuration file/tool configuration by P4 Client.
    - Check Java version: BranchView run only with JDK version >=1.2 .
    - You must select one file/directory in P4 client, before BranchView can be started from "tools" menu.
    - If you use BranchView plugin for Eclipse, ensure, that you properly install P4Eclipse plugin too.

  2. I will use my custom Diff tool, but BranchView won't do this

    - Run BranchView and set "diff tool path" property (right mouse click on BranchView window for BranchView menu) to path of your Diff - tool.

  3. BranchView won't run my Diff - tool

    - examdiff.exe is not in the system path?
    - check BranchView properties: "diff tool path" should point to path of your Diff - tool. If path of the Diff - tool contains blanks, use "" around path.
    instead of c:\my diff tool\tool.exe use "c:\my diff tool\tool.exe"
    - If BranchView is in "offline" - mode, you cannot use Diff - tool anyway, this is limited by design.

  4. BranchView forget preferences, setted in a properties dialog

    - If you set any option in a properties dialog, this will be valid for all BranchView only after restart or on next operation. After a closing of all BranchView windows, all properties wil be stored in a property file. But if you "kill" BranchView task, BranchView cannot save properties. Startup parameter will be used first, even if properties file exist and contains other values.

  5. BranchView repaint the view to slowly

    - If you try to load one big directory with many branches/revisions, then BranchView need lot of time to draw they all on screen...

  6. BranchView don't shows the"extended" information about revision, shows it wrong or not all available information

    - It can happen, that the tooltip will be "broken" because of too large amount of data, currently i haven't fix for this problem. Nevertheless, you can get this information from BranchView: select one revision, and with Ctrl + C copy the information about this revision into clipboard.

  7. On JDK 1.4.1 for Windows (may be for other OS'es too) and BranchView version < 1.3 mouse scroll/drag does not work correctly.

    Workaround: none. Use newer versions of BranchView.
    This is both bug in BranchView version < 1.3 and on new 1.4.1 Swing libraries from Sun.

  8. Is the source code available?

    - Now yes!!! I'm absolutely sure, that only commented code is good code, and i hope, i have posted only good code.

  9. Where is the source code available?

    - Under Perforce (www.perforce.com) public depot, path is: //public_depot/guest/andrei_loskutov/branchview