DoLog - slow.conf configuration item


The DoLog slow.conf configuration item allows allows errors, warnings, and (possibly) events, to be logged using the system's syslog facility.

If this DoLog item is declared as true (or if it is omitted which defaults to true), the Milter will log errors and warnings using syslog. If the LogEvents item is also true, individual events will also be logged as they are inserted into the database.

Errors and warnings are logged to LOG_MAIL at a severity of LOG_NOTICE.

If this DoLog item is false, errors and warnings are printed to the standard error output (which will be invisible when the milter is running as a daemon).

This DoLog item is ignored if your system lacks the syslog facility.

This DoLog item is also recognized by the slowedit program, which will only log adds and deletes if this item is set to true.