LocalHostName - slow.conf configuration item


The LocalHostName slow.conf configuration item defines the host name to use in place of the one found by calling gethostname.

When slowmilt first starts to run, it looks up the MX records for the local host. It does this so that it can detect if a message was from one of its MX servers. Unless told to do otherwise, slowmilt finds the local host name by calling gethostname and using that result. But on some systems (such as Solaris) that host name is not canonical, and on others, that host name may refer to the wrong interface. In such instances, you may cause gethostname to be skipped by defining this LocalHostName item.

When this LocalHostName item is defined, the host name defined by this item has its MX records looked up in place of the default host name.

If you are in doubt about whether to use the default or to define your own, you can run slowmilt by hand like this:

This command will cause the result of the MX lookup to be printed to the standard output. Both host names and IP numbers found are printed. It the list is wrong, consider defining this LocalHostName item to fix the problem.