David H. Birkhead

Substantial experience in SCM and build environments on many hardware platforms and software environments. A subset includes most Unix platforms (Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX), Windows/NT, and the Apple Macintosh. Has automated SCM and build environments in those environments.

Has had exposure to other SCMs such as ClearCase, RCS/SCCS and SourceSafe, but prefers to convert projects from other systems to Perforce, not the other way around!

Contact Information
David H. Birkhead
Piccolo Engineering
584 Castro St #537
San Francisco, CA 94114  
Web Page:  
(510) 914-0438
(510) 530-2699
Available for the following services:
SCM Evaluation A one to two day on-site evaluation of your SCM policies and procedures.
The results will be presented as a 20 to 30 page document describing best practices customized for your environment.
SCMS Conversions Conversion services from various source control systems to PERFORCE.

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