David H. Birkhead

Substantial experience in SCM and build environments on many hardware platforms and software environments. A subset includes most Unix platforms (Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX), Windows/NT, and the Apple Macintosh. Has automated SCM and build environments in those environments.

Has had exposure to other SCMs such as ClearCase, RCS/SCCS and SourceSafe, but prefers to convert projects from other systems to Perforce, not the other way around!

Contact Information
David H. Birkhead
Data-pipes Inc.
4432 Telegraph Avenue
Suite 120 Oakland, CA 94609  
Web Page:  
(510) 914-0438
(510) 225-2701
Available for the following services:
SCM Evaluation A one to three day on-site evaluation of your SCM policies and procedures.
The results will be presented as a document describing best practices customized for your environment.
SCMS Conversions Conversion services from various source control systems to PERFORCE.
Build Systems Custom build systems designed and build to fit your company's needs.
From the most basic system to multi-platform solutions that support parallel builds, enhanced real time reporting and a web interface.

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