The Public Depot of David Weintraub

Branching_in_Perforce.doc A document that describes how to do branching and merging in Perforce using both the command line and P4V. This includes Laura Wingerd's copy up/merge down technique for convergent branches. Perl Module I wrote before I knew there was a Perl API. However, I am unable to install the Perl API on my Solaris box, and tech support is luke warm to the idea. So, I still use this anyway. Adds new Perforce users, creates a client, and creates a default client for them too. Runs through the whole depot and creates a universal client map Removes binary versions that match the critera for deletion as specified in the command line parameters. Deletes Perforce Users created by he program.
p4submit Allows you to submit a changelist without having to fill in a form.