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Perforce Server Log Analyzer

Online Diagnosis of Server Performance Issues

Upload a log file to the Perforce Server Log Analyzer (PSLA), and it will describe in detail those commands that may have affected your server performance. The PSLA tells you the exact commands sent to the server, by whom and at what times the commands were issued, and a host of other relevant information. Your log data is stored in an SQL database hosted by Perforce, and you can access your data and analysis for up to {$PslaController->getDaysToKeepLogs()} days with a secure key. After {$PslaController->getDaysToKeepLogs()} days, your log data will be automatically purged from our system.

The PSLA is a Web interface that wraps around our popular log2sql.py tool. log2sql.py permits custom reports, but it requires local Python and package installations, or a docker installation and can require knowledge of SQL. The PSLA is easier to use: just upload your log file and start analyzing the results.

Access an Existing Log Upload a New Log
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