Peter Friberg, One Off Electronics AB

Peter has experience with this tool since 1997, with in-depth knowledge in all aspects of the Perforce SCM System. He conducts consulting in customizing and adaptation of Perforce systems to the customer needs, such as development process and lifecycles.

Peter has worked in the computer industry for over 13 years in many roles, including: hardware development, software development, configuration management and consulting. He has experience in SCM and build environments on some hardware platforms and software environments. A subset includes most Unix and Windows platforms. Has automated SCM and build environments in those environments.

He has had exposure to other SCMs such as PVCS, CMS and ClearCase, prefers to convert projects from other systems to Perforce.

Contact Information

Peter Friberg
One Off Electronics AB
Mardstigen 21
S-170 75 Solna, SWEDEN

Cel: +46 (0)708 211679
Fax: +46 (0)8 4449175

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