German User Group

There is a new German User Group that has been setup, and we are having an initial 1 day meeting:

The main focus of this event is for customers to meet and share information. Tony Smith from Perforce (head of the UK Support Team) will be there to provide some insights into Perforce plans, and also answer technical questions.

The current provisional schedule (not in any particular order) is:

We plan to have dinner together in the evening (sponsored by Perforce).

To register interest, please email Robert (see below). You may also subscribe to the mailing list by sending a blank email with subject "subscribe" (without quotes).

More information will be put up here shortly.

Contact Details

Robert Cowham
Vaccaperna Systems Ltd
8 Paynesfield Avenue
London SW14 8DW

Tel: +44.(0)20.8392 0935
Fax: +44.(0)20.8392 0936