Perforce German User Group

[Auf Deutsch]

A Perforce German User Group has been setup - the intention is to provide a forum for Perforce related discussions most likely for German speaking clients but membership is open to anyone!

This looks to complements the worldwide Perforce-User mailing list which is both very active and helpful, and the Perforce User Conferences (to date these have all been in the USA).

User Group Meeting

The first group meeting took place Friday 28th November 2003 and was a great success.

We plan 2 meetings per year (1 day events), probably around May/June and November/December.

The first meeting of the Perforce German User Group was a great success. The participants were able to prepare and agree the topics and the programme via a mailing list, so that the agenda was tuned to the wishes of the 27 people present.

The presentations of Tony Smith, Ralf Martin, Laura Wingerd and Ralf Oyen sparked an excellent exchange of ideas. Discussions ranged from Perforce administration to more general SCM processes.

Particularly worth mentioning is the open atmosphere of the meeting. Tony and Laura from Perforce noted many suggestions for enhancements of Perforce and welcomed suggestions for new features. Quoting Laura "if you give me 3 usages [for versioned metadata], then you are more likely to get them." The private conversations and exchanging of ideas amongst the participants were also very useful.

I look forward to the next meeting!

Stefan Müller, IDS Scheer AG

How To Take Part

To register interest, please email Robert or Ralf (see below). Further discussions will take place on the Perforce-User Mailing List.

Contact Details


Robert Cowham
Vaccaperna Systems Ltd
8 Paynesfield Avenue
London SW14 8DW / UK

Tel: +44.(0)20.8392 0935
Fax: +44.(0)20.8392 0936


Ralf Oyen
TUI InfoTec GmbH & Co KG
Karl-Wiechert-Allee 4
D 30625 Hannover / Germany

Fon: +49 511 567 5204
Mobil: +49 172 567 5104
Fax: +49 511 567 93 5204