Change 11466

Russell C. Jackson (Rusty)
Initial work to simplify p4_vars and remove cluster stuff.

 Testing of named instances surfaced some bugs that are in prod sdp,
 now fixed in dev.

 Added three triggers from RCJ SDP

 Moved p4review.cfg into the new /p4/common/cfg to go along with the
 instance_vars files. now generates an instance_p4review.cfg
 as well.

 Removed incremental p4verify to clean up a bit. It didn't support replicas
 and was really never used.

 All port settings now live in <instance>_vars file. You set what you want
 the ports to be in There is no more fancy logic to try to guess
 what the port should be. You set it, and that is what it is.

 Remaining to do is to updated scripts to not need p4master_run. Saved
 that work for later since this is tested and works.
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