Change 14534

Add support for the MapApi class in P4Ruby. This change adds a new
class, P4::Map, to P4Ruby's canon. The methods on P4::Map are:        - Constructor
    P4::Map.load        - Load a map from an array
    P4::Map.join        - Join two maps to create a third

    P4::Map#clear        - Empty a map
    P4::Map#count        - Return the number of entries
    P4::Map#empty?        - Tests whether a map object is empty
    P4::Map#translate    - Translate a string through a map
    P4::Map#includes?    - Tests whether a path is mapped
    P4::Map#lhs        - Returns the left side as an array
    P4::Map#rhs        - Returns the right side as an array
    P4::Map#to_a        - Returns the map as an array

(Note, the first three are class methods, the rest instance methods)

There is also P4::Map#reverse(), but I'm not documenting that yet as
I'm not sure I understand the semantics of reversing complex maps
well enough.

User-visible enhancement documented in p4rubynotes.txt and slated
for 2008.2 release.
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