Change 14579

Make new class P4::Message for returning Error objects
to the user. Currently handles errors and warnings, but
could potentially be used for output too (might bloat
people's code though).

Essentially, if you're using a 2010.2 or later client,
or if you've set your api_level to 68 or higher, the
P4#errors and P4#warnings arrays will be populated
with P4::Message objects instead of strings. Users of
older API's, or those who set their api_level to 67
or lower in their scripts will get the old behaviour.

P4::Message objects have the following methods:

  severity() - returns the severity
  generic()  - returns the generic code
  to_s()     - converts the message to a string
  inspect()  - returns a string showing the message details.

User-visible enhancement documented in p4rubynotes.txt
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