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Implemented 'action resolve' in P4Ruby.

This extends the existing P4MergeData class to support action resolve.  Users
will need to test the MergeData object passed to the block to determine if the
resolve is for content (P4::MergeData#content_resolve?) or action
(P4::MergeData#action_resolve?).  The attributes available in
'P4::MergeDatamerge' for an action resolve are:

merge_action : The action chosen for the merge, can be emtpy
yours_action: your action/filetype
their_action: their action/filetype
type: the type of merge. Can be
         "Branch resolve",
         "Filetype resolve",
         "Delete resolve"
         "Filename resolve"
info: a dictionary with additional information that can vary with the resolve

Updated unit test to test action resolve.

User visible change, to be documented in the release notes for 2012.1.
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