Change 18587

Russell C. Jackson (Rusty)
Reworked the log rotation stuff in to make it cleaner and
handle the new log from

Modified to add comments about a bad checkpoint. Also
made it create its own log file since it isn't doing a checkpoint. Removed the
log rotation for the same reason.

Moved the LOGFILE setting out to all of scripts to make it more obvious for future
scripts that you need to set that variable in your script so that it doesn't just
default to checkpoint.log.

Moved the functions in and into
where they belong for consistency.

Modified to use a consistent naming convention for all the
rotated log files rather than checkpoint.log being unique.

Replaced all back ticks with the newer bash $() method.

Removed all of the line wrapping since I am pretty sure that none of us are working on an
80 character terminal these days and it is easier to read this way.
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