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C. Thomas Tyler
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Removed configurables for 'errors' and 'events' structured logs.
Added 'maxmb' setting of 200MB for the structured audit log.

Enhanced Windows version work like Unix version:
* Added a check for the 'instance' paramter.
* Loads SDP environment from p4env.bat (equiv of p4_vars).
* Uses SDP environment to set various things.
* Now creates 'spec' and 'unload' depots.

Changed both Unix and Windows versions to use KEEPLOGS setting
defiend in standard SDP enviornment file to apply to 'retain'
setting of structured server logs.

Removed obsolete comment relationg to the SetDepotSpecMapField
trigger, which was obsoleted with server.depot.root in 2014.1.

Changed mechanism for creating 'spec' and 'unload' depots
to one that works the same for Windows and Linux.

Removed defaultChangeType setting.  The impact on Swarm and
performance may not be worth the security benefit for.  It
is still a good practice for some environments, but I'm not
sure it's a clear best practice to set it.
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