Change 21418

C. Thomas Tyler
Changed CASEINSENSITIVE to CASE_SENSITIVE, to make it harder to
pick the wrong value by miscalculating the double-negative.

Changed the default to be case-sensitive, for several reasons:
* Case-sensitive is better for git interoperability.  Most git repos
in the wild, especially those used in corporate environments, are
case sensitive.
* Case-sensitive is better for importing from most legacy SCM systems,
as it can handle a wider array of data sets.
* Case-sensitive is required for some data sets that have case-only
* The SDP now includes a case check trigger to help avoid the worst
perils of a case-sensitive server.
* While confusion is always possible if the client OS doesn't match
the case sensitivty setting of the server, the least harmful
permuatations of problems occur with the widest array of client
platforms when you have a case-senstive server.
* Case-insensitive is really only best suited to pure-Windows sites.

Also added a comment indicating you don't need the Review daemon if
you intend to handle review-style email notifications with Swarm.
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