Change 21549

C. Thomas Tyler
Enhanced v1.5.3:
* Based on 2016.1 rather than 2014.1 P4API pulled from the Perforce FTP server.
* Refactored to pull P4Perl 2016.1 from The Workshop

Tested on CentOS 7: It works, using ActivePerl 5.24 and glibc 2.15.

Tested on CentOS 6: It fails, due to dependency on glibc 2.14, which
requires an older version of ActivePerl that is no longer freely available
from ActiveState.  We need an older release of Perl (5.18?) to fix this;
doesn't seem like it will be easy to acquire.

Not tested on Ubuntu, but should work as Ubuntu prioritizes aggressive
adoption of shiny new things (rather than the stability-prioritized
slow adoption approach of CentOS), so the new glibc needed by the
currently available Perl should be available.

The earlier version of this script, which used to work, no longer works due
depending on an older version of ActivePerl that is also no longer freely

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