Change 23031

C. Thomas Tyler
Simplified stop_p4d() in backup functions to just call the init
script.  Previously stop_p4d() had 'wait' logic to wait for p4d
to stop before trying to stop with a 'kill' signal, but this is
no longer needed since the modern init script (with logic in
p4d_base) now does a 'kill' anyway, and also has the 'wait' logic
and will exit only when p4d is well and truly down.

In, fixed issue where start/stop of p4broker and p4p
went directly to the screen instead of the log.  Also changed to
call start/stop init scripts for p4d directly, just as for other

Also enhanced logging:
* Log file name to incorporate SDP instance (redundant but nice).
* Remove pesky ':' characters from the datestamp in log file name,
as ':' chars in file names wreak havoc with 'scp' commands and
require escaping on the command line.
* Added log comments indicating which databases are being upgraded

Also added common explaining use of '-t' flag in 'p4d -xu'
call for offline databases.
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