Change 23297

C. Thomas Tyler
Added safety checks to avoid running commands that will certainly fail

Generally, /p4/common/bin will be the same on all hosts in a Helix topolgy.
However, on any given machine, the /p4/<N>/bin/<EXE>_<N>_init scripts
should exist only for executables that run on that machine.

This change to should work on machines even where only a
proxy or broker runs.  Also, it will not generate errors in cases
where there is, say, a p4p_N_bin symlink in /p4/common/bin but no
/p4/N/bin/p4p_N_init script, which will a common situation since
/p4/common/bin will contain all executables used anywhere, while
/p4/N/bin is host-specific.

Also made cosmetic fixes and style convergence change.

In and, just fixed cosmetic typos.
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