Change 23522

C. Thomas Tyler tweaks:
* Documented existing '-ssh_opts' option.
* Implemented and documented new '-skip_ssh' option.
* Enhanced cosmetics of showing current geographic site tags.
* Upated Version to 2.0.2 reflect big changes with Chris Geen's
  last uptate, plus this small update.
* Added command line parsing logic to make new '-skip_ssh'
  logic mutually exclusive with '-f' (full setup) flag.

Bypassing pre-commit review; there are still more changes to make:
* Make it so it benefits from 'Tight Ship' style of management
if used (as it does not), but doesn't not introduce a dependency
on it.  The last change caused a dependency on Tight Ship
managment; we want to remove that dependency, but keep the benefit
of Tight Ship, if used.  Tight Ship means using a '/p4/hms' SDP
instance to version changes to things like SDP config files in

#review-23523 @cgeen
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