Change 2490

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Jam langauge work: make 'return' actually return from the rule,
rather than just setting the return value.  Introduce new
break/continue statements for managing loops.

User visible change to be documented in Jam.html.

=== computer:1666: Change 37200 by seiwald@play-seiwald on 2002/10/22 15:41:28

Gross rework of Jam.html documentation, including:

- the description of parameters for rules
- description of -g flag
- a new description of targets
- more about rules and their return values
- better separation of rules and updating actions
- putting borders around the tables

(Undocumented) change to documentation.

=== computer:1666: Change 37551 by seiwald@waffle-cyg-seiwald on 2002/11/03 23:17:12

Document jam's new and working break/continue/return statements.

=== computer:1666: Change 37574 by seiwald@play-seiwald on 2002/11/04 13:13:01
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