Change 25104

C. Thomas Tyler
Added sample script to create EBS snapshot of volumes with a Name
tag of <host>-root and <host>-hxdepots, e.g. perforce-01-root and

This is intended to be called at the optimal time to reduce risk
exposure.  The optimal time is immediately after a journal rotation
completes near the start of the overall daily checkpoint process,
or optionally immediately after the offline checkpoint is created.

This script creates 2 EBS snapshots with appropriate resource
tagging each time it is run.

Note that a full recovery would entail mounting these 2 volumes,
creating new hxdepots and hxmetadata volumes, finalizing the
SDP structure, etc.  This is fairly straightforward, but not trival,
and is needed only as a Plan B for recovery.  Plan A is to use
Perforce replication to a secondary instance for fast and easier

Basic data retention polices can be implemented with EBS Data
Lifecycle Policies.  Custom automation can copy recovery assets to
S3 Glacier for long term storage.

In addition to this script, a new high-level SDP structure is created,
/p4/common/cloud.  Under the new cloud directory is a directory for
the cloud provider, e.g. one of aws, azure, gcp, rackspace, etc.
Cloud-provider specific files can go in there.
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