Change 25240

C. Thomas Tyler
Simplified to use a single /hxmetadata volume, as this is the
most common configuration.  Small sites don't need multiple
volumes, and big sites have an array of hardware options, only
some of which require a two-volume solution for metadata to
maintain performance.

Changed default replica ServerID from p4d_fr_bos to p4d_ha_bos,
to promote modern 2018.2 high availability replicas that can
be created with the in SDP 2019.1+.  The replica is not
actually created with the Helix Installer, just referenced
as a sample ServerID name.

Extended '-B' flag to cleanup temp dir used by
Changed behavior to bail on failure to cleanup temp dirs, as this
could result in wasted time building outdated versions of
P4Python, etc.

Added '-i <helix_installer_branch>' debugging flag to support
testing of Helix Installer from the dev branch.  Moved this and
the '-D' flag to a new doc section titled DEBUGGING OPTIONS.

Added '-X' eXtreme reset debugging option.

Updated some internal variable names.
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