Change 27050

C. Thomas Tyler v2.5.0:
* Added doc references to SDP Server Spec and journalPrefix standards.
* Updated journalPrefix value definition to follow the standard.
* Removed '-si' "Silent Mode" option, a carry over from the template, as
there is no need for it in this script.
* Removed display of current SiteTags from '-man' output as it won't generate relibly for AsciiDoc.
* Removed '-ssh_opts' and '-skip_ssh' flags from doc.
* Removed 'mandatory' from definition of HA replica. This is now deemed a valid conifuration, but not part of the definition of HA.
* Removed extraneous text related to 'full setup mode' (from a custom
installed version). [A future full setup may be added relying on the Helix Installer.]
* Removed including of, and dropped logic handled better by the 'p4login' script.
* Generated passwords for service users are now discareded.
* Fixed various bugs in error messages.

To Do in a follow-on changelist:
* Update (which tets

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