Change 27875

C. Thomas Tyler
Changes to SDP Guide:
* Changed location of home dir for `perforce` OSUSER for manual
installations to be the same as it is for Helix Installer installations,
changing from '/p4' to '/home/perforce'.  The /home/perforce is
preferred for several reasons:
 - To work with common SSHD configs that require home directories to be
   under /home.
 - To keep /p4 clean, used only for SDP things, and not have user
  files like ~/.vimrc, ~/.Xauthority, Desktop, ~/.ssh, ~/.bashrc,
  ~/.p4enviro, ~/.p4tickets, ~/.p4config, etc.  (The original decision
to use '/p4' was made in 2007, long before any ~/.p4* files existed).
 - To have a separate home directory, which has many benefits including
  simplifying operational procedures that rely on having a separate
  home directory available.
 - That said, having the home directory in /p4 was the standard for
a long while, and isn't really broken despite no longer being

* Replaced high-byte quotes with low-byte quotes in several places.

* Corrected case of Max* settings (e.g. maxresults -> MaxResults) to
match how they appear in the group spec.

* Fixed a few typos (one in doc, one in a suggested crontab).
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