Change 468

Barrie Slaymaker
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- VCP::Dest::p4 now does change number aggregation based on the
  comment field changing or whenever a new revision of a file with
  unsubmitted changes shows up on the input stream.  Since revisions of
  files are normally sorted in time order, this should work in a number
  of cases.  I'm sure we'll need to generalize it, perhaps with a time
  thresholding function.
- t/90cvs.t now tests cvs->p4 replication.
- VCP::Dest::p4 now doesn't try to `p4 submit` when no changes are
- VCP::Rev now prevents the same label from being applied twice to
  a revision.  This was occuring because the "r_1"-style label that
  gets added to a target revision by VCP::Dest::p4 could duplicate
  a label "r_1" that happened to already be on a revision.
- Added t/00rev.t, the beginnings of a test suite for VCP::Rev.
- Tweaked bin/gentrevml to comment revisions with their change number
  instead of using a unique comment for every revision for non-p4
  t/test-*-in-0.revml files.  This was necessary to test cvs->p4
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