Change 473

Barrie Slaymaker
Request Review
0.04 Tue Dec 12 00:15:57 EST 2000
   - Reorg of VCP::Source::p4
     - One large filelog command is run instead of many small ones.
       This takes advantage of the -m option to make sure enough changes
       are listed.  Many extra revisions of most files are probably
       listed, but listing and ignoring them is quicker than spawning p4
       over and over.  Wish p4 filelog had a revision range...
     - it now doesn't suck the entire filelog output in to memory, it
       parses it line by line as it's emitted from the `p4 filelog`
     - `p4 print` is now used to print a bunch of files at once, using
       the header line to separate one file from the next, kind of like
       splitting a mime-encoded message.  There's a very slight chance
       that it will misjudge the boundary between two files if a file
       happens to have a line that looks very much like the header line
       for the next file.  This is pretty unlikely and I'll fix it if it
       crops up.  I could batch them more, right now it never puts two
       revisions of the same filename in the same batch, for no really
       good reason.  Another method might be to batch 25 or 50 revs each
     - it turns out there's a problem spawning multiple p4 commands at
       the same time against the same p4d (p4d is 99.2, FWIW).  Or at
       least running large `p4 files ...` while there's a large `p4
       filelog` still also running.
     - filelog lines beginning with "... ..." are now ignored.  These
       are notifications of copy, branch, and integrate events that we
       don't yet do anything with.
     - deleted cur() and P4_CUR
     - deleted P4_IS_INCREMENTAL
   - Made an assertion in VCP::Dest::revml::handle_rev() a little
   - Added some ok(1) calls to 90p4.t to make it easier to figure out
     which child process is whining or aborting
   - Made the message that's printed when a subcommand emits unexpected
     output say "stderr" instead of "stdout".
   - Cleaned up documentation for VC::Plugin::work_path().
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