Change 480

Barrie Slaymaker
Request Review
0.06 Wed Dec 20 23:19:15 EST 2000
   - bin/vcp: Added --versions, which loads all modules and checks them
     for a $VERSION and print the results out.  This should help with
     diagnosing out-of-sync modules.
   - Added $VERSION vars to a few modules :-).  Forgot to increment any
     $VERSION strings.
   - VCP::Dest::cvs: The directory "deeply" was not being `cvs add`ed on
     paths like "a/deeply/nested/file", assuming "deeply" had no files
     in it.
   - VCP::Dest::revml: fixed a bug that was causing files with a lot of
     linefeeds to be emitted in base64 instead of deltaed.  This means
     most text files.
   - Various minor cleanups of diagnostics and error messages, including
     exposing "Can't locate" when a VCP::Source or VCP::Dest
     module depends on a module that's not installed, as reported by
     Jeff Anton.
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